Alfresco Dining/Cocktails

We are coming off of 3 weeks of almost solid rain here in the DC area. The rain just sapped all motivation to buy flowers or even plan an evening outdoors.
Here it is, almost Memorial Day and I am just getting around to sprucing up our outdoor dining area.
But yesterday and today we had temps in the 80s and I couldn’t wait to get outside.

Everything was pretty coated with dirt after all of the rain.  I had to scrub (used the grill brush!) and rinse and work pretty hard to get the coating of dirt off everything.
As you can see I had my reward when all of that work was done.  It was so nice to sit out here and enjoy the warmth, the sunshine, and the sound of birds.
Ahh, summer, don’t go by too fast.

Tom and I resolved to sit out here at least once a week.  We will see if it happens – mosquitos usually drive him indoors.
Happy Memorial Day friends!

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