Five Stylish Choices That Are Not Functional (Enough)

Do you ever come across stylish rooms that look great, but you wonder if they are really functional?  Because function is important, right?  We want our homes to look beautiful but they have to work.  I put together a list of items that, while stylish, just don’t work for me.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Isn’t this beautiful?  Does any work get done here?  And, where does she keep her stamps?  While I truly love the look of acrylic desks, any desk without drawers is just not functional to me.

These kitchens are lovely without question.  But I could not manage without my upper cabinets.  Plus I would have to go buy all matching glasses so they would look good on open shelving.  Just not practical.

Here’s another one: bar carts.  Don’t get me wrong, they look great all styled up and give a room a nice modern vibe.  But, they are kind of small if you are having more than 4 people in for drinks.  And they are usually somewhat low causing you to stoop.

This bar cart is offered by Frontgate for over $2000.  It measures approximately 3 feet high.  For a lot less money you could get a very nice credenza or buffet with much more space for storage and display.

I understand the reason for a pedestal sink in small bathrooms.  But, you can almost always get a small vanity into these places.  You are going to need the storage for toilet paper, extra soap, cleaning supplies.  The bathroom below isn’t even small, but the owners opted for a pedestal sink.

Poufs add an element of whimsy and charm to a room, it’s true.  But they also add clutter, and, does anyone ever sit on them?  They look uncomfortable and as if they would collapse if anyone over 8 sat on them.

So, thoughts?  Do you have some design elements that frustrate your desire for functionality in a room?  I’d love to hear about them.


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