Lilacs in the Bedroom

It’s lilac time in Virginia. Lilacs have such a sweet fragrance; each inhale makes spring come alive.  I planted one in the one corner of my yard that gets sustained sunlight and I really love it.  In order to enjoy the beauty and scent even more, I bring the blooms inside.  Lilacs don’t last long as cut flowers, but a fleeting beauty is all the more sweet, no?
Bringing a julep cup of lilacs into the bedroom snowballed into a room cleaning and re-style.  Whenever these moods strike me, I go with it if I can.  If I am motivated I am going to enjoy it and do a better job.  So I had a fun hour or two getting the master bedroom fluffed up.  And some serious decluttering was accomplished.

This is the hubs’ side of the bed.  Will it stay like this? A girl can dream.

  I love sleeping under a duvet, but prefer the crisp look of a coverlet. 

I made the bedskirt.  It took a long time but it is hard to find a nice ready made skirt with such a large drop. 

Now that I am always in thrift stores my costume jewelry collection is extensive.  I have to stop.  But I keep finding great stuff for $1.50. Then I find stylish ways to organize and display it.  It’s a vicious cycle.

My side of the bed.  I always have a stack of books.  And I keep this old cedar scented Yankee Candle.  I love cedar scents,  they are so clean smelling.

Ahh!  Coming into a neat and clean bedroom in the evening is a kind of luxury.
I am so glad those lilacs motivated me to declutter and make the room pretty, even if it’s a fleeting pleasure.

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