Chipping Away at the Family Room

Have you ever noticed that when you make improvements in one area of a room that other areas start to look worn and old?  An argument could be made for keeping a room shabby just because of consistency.  Ha!

I recently changed my gallery wall around the TV.  This look is more updated, has a little more personality and certainly more color.

As I mentioned in my last post, I found a better coffee table for this space.

It came painted in this beautiful matte green color.  I love the Asian look of it and the size is perfect.  I just happened upon it in a neighborhood consignment shop for $99. The old one was just slightly too big.

That narrow space between the chair and the table was a problem if more than 2 people were in the room.

I moved the pillows around a bit.  They will never stay in those chairs though.  Mr. Bee is not a lover of pillows.

This is an odd spot by the TV console.  It’s too small for a chair but too big to leave empty.  I’m still deciding if this basket (from TJ Maxx) works.  I like how the throw echoes some of the colors in the art and the room.

The floor lamp is a thrift store find and I am thinking it might be time for him to go back.  Maybe something a little less stodgy there?  Since we both read a lot good functional lighting is a must.  This floor lamp does put out a lot of light, so I have to think about whether to replace it.  Maybe a new shade would do the trick?

There are times when we could use more seating in this room.  Sometimes our children are here with their spouses and if there is a sporting event, the TV is on. I would like to find a couple of poufs at a good price. 

But I don’t want to clutter the space.  It’s narrow and already there is a lot going on.
More to ponder-

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