Lilacs in the Bedroom

It’s lilac time in Virginia. Lilacs have such a sweet fragrance; each inhale makes spring come alive.  I planted one in the one corner of my yard that gets sustained sunlight and I really love it.  In order to enjoy the beauty and scent even more, I bring the blooms inside.  Lilacs don’t last long as cut flowers, but a fleeting beauty is all the more sweet, no?
Bringing a julep cup of lilacs into the bedroom snowballed into a room cleaning and re-style.  Whenever these moods strike me, I go with it if I can.  If I am motivated I am going to enjoy it and do a better job.  So I had a fun hour or two getting the master bedroom fluffed up.  And some serious decluttering was accomplished.

This is the hubs’ side of the bed.  Will it stay like this? A girl can dream.

  I love sleeping under a duvet, but prefer the crisp look of a coverlet. 

I made the bedskirt.  It took a long time but it is hard to find a nice ready made skirt with such a large drop. 

Now that I am always in thrift stores my costume jewelry collection is extensive.  I have to stop.  But I keep finding great stuff for $1.50. Then I find stylish ways to organize and display it.  It’s a vicious cycle.

My side of the bed.  I always have a stack of books.  And I keep this old cedar scented Yankee Candle.  I love cedar scents,  they are so clean smelling.

Ahh!  Coming into a neat and clean bedroom in the evening is a kind of luxury.
I am so glad those lilacs motivated me to declutter and make the room pretty, even if it’s a fleeting pleasure.

The Garden Right Now

This might just be the best time in the garden. 
Yesterday there was only bare ground (well, and some weeds) and now there’s this:


Hosta shoots

This little guy fussed at me the entire time I was in the back yard.  Maybe he/she has a nest nearby?

Yay Spring!  So much to look forward to.

Chipping Away at the Family Room

Have you ever noticed that when you make improvements in one area of a room that other areas start to look worn and old?  An argument could be made for keeping a room shabby just because of consistency.  Ha!

I recently changed my gallery wall around the TV.  This look is more updated, has a little more personality and certainly more color.

As I mentioned in my last post, I found a better coffee table for this space.

It came painted in this beautiful matte green color.  I love the Asian look of it and the size is perfect.  I just happened upon it in a neighborhood consignment shop for $99. The old one was just slightly too big.

That narrow space between the chair and the table was a problem if more than 2 people were in the room.

I moved the pillows around a bit.  They will never stay in those chairs though.  Mr. Bee is not a lover of pillows.

This is an odd spot by the TV console.  It’s too small for a chair but too big to leave empty.  I’m still deciding if this basket (from TJ Maxx) works.  I like how the throw echoes some of the colors in the art and the room.

The floor lamp is a thrift store find and I am thinking it might be time for him to go back.  Maybe something a little less stodgy there?  Since we both read a lot good functional lighting is a must.  This floor lamp does put out a lot of light, so I have to think about whether to replace it.  Maybe a new shade would do the trick?

There are times when we could use more seating in this room.  Sometimes our children are here with their spouses and if there is a sporting event, the TV is on. I would like to find a couple of poufs at a good price. 

But I don’t want to clutter the space.  It’s narrow and already there is a lot going on.
More to ponder-

New Gallery Wall Around the TV

Sometimes you change things up and for awhile the change is good.  Whatever you have done seems like such an improvement.  Such was the case with my gallery wall around the TV.
Not so long ago, this is how this wall looked.  The minimal look isn’t always a good thing.

The absolutely best thing you can do to motivate yourself to do something about a room is take a picture of it.  Then you will think to yourself, “oh no, that is what this room looks like?!”  Pictures help you see the room as visitors do.

The above is a very timid attempt at some decoration on the wall around the TV.  At least the rug is a better color and size for the room.  No comment on the table.  I knew it was a temporary stand-in.

Much improved with a more interesting gallery wall.  But, I didn’t feel all happy to see it.  It was just okay, an improvement, nothing to write home about.  Read about the coffee table here.

I finally recognized that the old wall had evolved into a rustic look that wasn’t what I was going for.  I kept scanning Pinterest and blogs for gallery walls in my spare time.  This one really got my attention.

I like the simplicity and the symmetry of this arrangement. Also, it’s interesting with an updated but traditional vibe. 
 I spent a couple of weeks looking for frames in thrift stores.  Yep, I started with the frame, not the art.  I found some, but ultimately I had to go to Ikea for the larger one.  Also, I am loving the modern simplicity of white frames and just could not find that at a thrift store.
I used newspaper (are we the last people in America to read the physical newspaper?) to make templates the size of my frames to see if my plan would work.
‘Looks pretty good!

I enlarged a couple of photos I had taken at the beach last summer to 8 x10. This is a good standard size and the mat is a standard size too.

Then, I tried my hand at watercolor.  See my post about that here.
Of the smaller art, one is a card and the other I found, framed, at a thrift store.

For me, finding an arrangement that I liked, then finding the frames, then the art to go in them was the way to go.  Standard sizes for the picture frames and mats are the most inexpensive options. 
I also changed out the coffee table.  But more on that next week.
One more before and after.

Before: Picture taken February, 2015

After: Picture taken March 31, 2016

Decorating is such a process.  Try this, try that, no, that isn’t right, until you find what feels right.  You have to be either gifted or obsessed.  I’m the latter.
There are still a few tweaks to go on this room. Sigh.