One of the most overwhelming tasks in decorating a room is deciding on what to put on the walls. 
If you aren’t quite sure of your style direction and you are on a budget, the better option may be to go with something not too expensive.  When you tire of it, it’s easy to make a change.
I recently ran across this tutorial on making your own feather watercolor.  I already had most of the supplies because I took a watercolor class  a couple of years ago.

My stash of thrift store frames comes in handy when I get artsy.
I encourage anyone to try watercolor art.  You really can’t go wrong; it’s a fun project to play around with.  Inspiration can be found in your photos (especially those of beaches or landscapes or gardens) or on Pinterest.  If you don’t want to make a big investment, buy one of those little kits for kids.
Below are a few links to some other DIY art projects that I want to try.

DIY Tissue Paper Art 15

This is a long (and funny) post from LiveLoveDIY to
get to the how-to on this art.  I like the modern vibe though.  Michael’s has huge sheets of paper for 99 cents.  Use some left over paint from the garage, and a sponge brush and you’re good.

I have been working on two gallery walls (different rooms) so I will be showing you some of my inexpensive art soon.
I’ve been working on these galleries for months and it’s not easy to get the look I want.  There have been bursts of energy, followed by mulling and head-scratching.
I’m off to Ikea later this week for one frame that I haven’t been able to find in my thrift store.  Hopefully then I will be able to wrap up that wall.
It would be nice to have it done before Easter.

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