Cherry Blossom Branches

Unfortunately I do not have a Japanese cherry tree in my yard.  But, I really wanted the effect of these beautiful branches in my house.  So, I decided to make some.
Let me show you the finished result first.

I researched online for some tutorials about how to make the branches and then used those steps that made the most sense.
To make the branches, cut branches from your garden. I needed to trim back a Japanese maple, so I cut some branches from that tree.  You want long, curved, graceful branches for this project.   You will also need white tissue paper, scissors, a pink pen or marker and a glue gun or white glue.
To begin, I cut the tissue in small circles, about 1 inch in diameter.
It’s quicker to fold the tissue paper and you get several circles from one cut.  I drew little squiggly lines with a pink marker to give my blossoms that faint suggestion of pink.
You need two pieces of tissue per blossom.  Use the eraser end of a pencil to fold the tissue into a blossom.

The next step is to place a dot of glue on the end of the tissue and place it on the branch.  I place it where there is already a bud.
Continue doing this until you are satisfied with your branches.

On one of the sites I looked at, the author said, “just throw them out when you are done”.  What?!  No way.  I will be saving these babies until next year.  That’s the whole point.
More on Easter décor later.  As you can see, I’m on my way.

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