A New Start

You may have noticed (I hope you have noticed) that I have not posted on my blog, BunnyhillCottage, for a few weeks now.  The reason I have been absent is because I am changing the name of my blog.  And, apparently, thinking of a new name consumes all of your creative energy.

 From the beginning I wasn’t sure about the name Bunnyhill Cottage, but it is the name of my Etsy shop (that chosen because all of the other names I wanted were taken) and consistency seemed important.  But as I told friends and acquaintances about Bunnyhill Cottage and gave them the name, I sensed curiosity on their part.  Why that name?  The explanation wasn’t really enlightening. “Oh, I like bunnies, and all the good names were taken” I’d say vaguely.

So, after being completely spontaneous and impulsive in picking out the name Bunnyhill Cottage, I wanted to be more deliberative and thoughtful this time around. I brain-stormed, pondered, analyzed.  My husband and friends patiently considered my flights of fancy, including “flights of fancy”. The house is littered with paper scraps and post-its scribbled with names like “Glimpses of Home” and “Stem to Stern” and “Fancyfree Place”. I lay awake at night thinking, “holly hedges” and “Arlington Park”, “cherry blossom way”.

But one morning I woke up with ‘decorator bee’ buzzing around my brain. Ha! I know, but really, that’s how it felt. The name stayed with me and grew on me and it just seemed fitting.  So, The Decorator Bee was born.

Nothing else will change. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.  I do have goals of posting more often and more regularly. 

I have missed being here while working out the name change.  That kind of surprised me since I have been a sporadic poster. But it feels good to be back and full of ideas.

Thanks for being on the journey with me and welcome to The Decorator Bee!

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